Best Bits! Part Deux - Would I Lie to You? [HD]

WILTY? Nope!

  • Release Date: 29 Agu 2018
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Part 2 featuring some of the funniest and most popular segments on Would I Lie to You? - Part 1 -

00:01 - Josh Widdicombe : "These are my favourite boxer shorts. Despite the fact they've seen better days, we have such a strong bond I still wear them."

04:30 - Bob Mortimer: "The police once ordered me to leave town because I was frightening the locals."

10:50 - James Acaster: "I once spent the night in a bush in Basingstoke."

16:18 - Reginald D. Hunter: "The D in my name stands for 'Delicious.'"

19:16 - Adil Ray: "I once had to go all the way to Bradford just to make a phone call to prove I was in Bradford."

25:25 - Claudia Winkleman: "When I meet someone for the very first time, I automatically make a mental note of what animal I think they are. Once it's in, I never forget it"

28:49 - David O'Doherty: "This is one of the pairs of leg-warmers for birds that I have made. I would have brought more, but birds are using them."

31:49 - Gabby Logan: "This is Mick, and I deliberately tripped him up during the wheelbarrow race at my son's sports day." James Acaster: "This is Mick, and for six months, he was my sworn enemy when a practical joke got out of hand." Lee Mack: "This is Mick. I once took him home from nursery instead of my own son."

43:55 - Lee Mack: "When I was seven, I had to be a bridesmaid at my auntie's wedding, as one of the girls who was supposed to do it was ill and the dress was a perfect fit."

48:01 - Greg Davies: "I once caused an injury to one man whilst trying to get a different man to say the word "Vegetables"."

53:15 - Lee Mack: "I recently took a crash course in taxidermy, by the end of which, I'd managed to make this.

59:30 - Henning Wehn: "I was once arrested by border guards for illegally entering another country."

1:04:42 - David Mitchell: "There is something about me that elephants like. Every time I visit a zoo, they thunder towards me and point their trunks in my direction."

1:07:50 - Mel Giedroyc: "I once had a snog with one of the people here on Would I Lie to You tonight."

1:13:20 - Bob Mortimer: "This is the cushion that I used to carry my pet owl around on. I would have brought the owl, but he escaped last week."

1:18:39 - Rhod Gilbert: "I once had a job where I had to answer the phone and say, 'Hello. Beef.'"

1:21:41 - Lee Mack: "One Saturday morning, I lay on my back in the garden and pretended I'd fallen off a ladder so I could get out of a family trip to Ikea."

1:27:10 - David Mitchell: "I've had to prise open my bedroom door for the last two years ever since the door handle fell off."

1:30:08 - Katherine Ryan: "My motto is 'Never give a child a one-syllable name', because life has taught me that people with one-syllable names are generally dim."

1:35:00 - Bob Mortimer: "For the past 15 years, I have performed my own dentistry."

1:41:58 - Lee Mack: "When my kids were younger, I designed a special system for remembering which Teletubby was which."

1:46:32 - Lee Mack: "Having recently got into Eastern cuisine, this Christmas sees the launch of my new cookbook, Lee Mack's Wok Around The Clock."

1:52:47 - Outro - This is Jinsy - Female Badger (


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